Lane Splitting & Filtering Are Legal in the Following States

Lane splitting is riding a motorcycle between two lanes of traffic moving in the same direction when the traffic stops or moves slower. Lane splitting is a useful maneuver for motorcyclists to avoid traffic jams.  Lane filtering involves moving from one lane to another lane in slow-moving traffic. Some individuals describe lane filtering as weaving… read more

At What Age Can Kids Sit in the Front Seat of a Car in Louisiana?

Many parents wonder at what age kids can sit in the front seat of a car in Louisiana. Louisiana law sets specific requirements for child passengers to minimize the risk of injury. Understanding when a child may sit in the front seat is important not only to comply with state law but also to protect… read more

How Long Does It Take State Farm To Settle Claims in Lafayette?

It is impossible to determine how long it would take State Farm to settle a particular personal injury claim without knowing more about it. Even with more knowledge, State Farm might confound your estimates. However, a conceptual framework can be provided that will allow you to generate a ballpark estimate with a reasonable degree of… read more

FAQs: Car Accident Reports in Louisiana 

If you’re involved in a car accident in Lafayette, LA, that causes injury, death, or more than $500 in damage, you must immediately notify local law enforcement. An officer will then investigate the accident, prepare a report within 48 hours, and send it to the Department of Transportation and Development. This report will form the… read more

What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Lafayette, LA?

Any city in America has problems, and Lafayette, Louisiana, is no exception. Homicides, robberies, and other criminal acts can make people hesitant to move to a town or do business there. Residents confronted with abundant crime may consider leaving the town for a safer location.  You may be a long-time resident of Lafayette or a… read more

Has Your Mirena IUD Moved?

Mirena is the longest-running and most well-known manufacturer of intrauterine devices (IUDs) for birth control on the market. And with that in mind, it’s understandable that millions of women have trusted their doctors’ recommendations for Mirena IUDs. Unfortunately, though, the company has come to be linked to various injuries and serious health issues.  If you… read more

Car Accidents Caused by Brake Checking in Louisiana

Brake checking is aggressive driving that can cause car accidents. It’s a dangerous practice that frequently results in injuries and property damage. Brake checking can also put the driver at risk of liability, fines, and even criminal charges.  Here’s an overview of brake checking and your rights if you’ve been injured in a car accident… read more

What Does a Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Car accidents can be devastating, leaving victims with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. In the aftermath of a collision in Lafayette, Louisiana, it is crucial to understand the role of a car accident lawyer.  You deserve compensation for all of your injuries. A car accident lawyer can make all the difference in obtaining… read more

10 Common Kinds of Disabilities

Individuals who are unable to work because of an impairment or disability may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers two disability programs. SSDI is for workers who become disabled. SSI is for low-income individuals who do not qualify for SSDI benefits. Thousands of medical conditions meet the SSA’s… read more

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Litigation Lawyer 

Many injury cases are settled without going to trial. However, a litigation lawyer will take the case to trial if the at-fault parties refuse to negotiate a fair settlement.  A skilled litigation lawyer knows when it is time to walk away from the negotiating table and take the case to a jury. Litigation lawyers negotiate… read more