Why did I choose to go into personal injury law in Lafayette? Because in personal injury law I have the opportunity to help improve someone’s life.

For an injured person, dealing with an injury claim alone is a scary and overwhelming experience.

Helping them navigate the process during a time of great distress allows me to provide a positive impact in an otherwise very stressful situation.

Simply put, I love to use my skills as a lawyer to make my client’s bad situation better.

Bar Admissions

Kenny Habetz has a burning passion for giving the community’s people the legal assistance they are due.

He is qualified to practice law before the Louisiana Supreme Court and all district courts in the state of Louisiana. He is currently a part of the Acadia Parish Bar Association, Lafayette Bar Association, American Bar Association, Louisiana State Bar Association, and the Louisiana Association for Justice.

Kenny also has legal partners in other states. If you’ve been injured in an accident in a nearby state, Kenny can connect you with an attorney who can help you.

Life and Family:

Kenny is married to Samantha and they welcomed their first child, Kenneth Michael Habetz, III, on September 21, 2021. They enjoy tennis, hunting, fishing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. 

Kenny grew up as the oldest of four in the small town of Crowley, Louisiana. It’s a rural community where most families knew each other and enjoyed spending time together whether it was at school, sports, church, or any other civic activity. In their small town, everyone looked out for each other and was ready to help in times of need; the true meaning of “being a good neighbor”.

“I am a problem solver and have always made it a priority to help others who may have found themselves in a difficult situation.” Growing up in Louisiana, Kenny would help on his family farm. This taught him that hard work and dedication were requirements for a successful and beneficial harvest. 

On the football field, Kenny learned how practice, hard work, and dedication, with a properly executed game plan, result in consistent victory. 

Kenny’s parents, a school teacher, and a public housing director, both instilled in him the importance of helping others in need and finding a solution to every challenge faced.

“The lessons I learned growing up, led me to the legal profession where I can identify a problem and formulate a solution to achieve the best results possible for my clients.”