What Happens When You Are At Fault for a Car Accident?

If you are at fault for a car accident, you could bear significant liability. Under certain circumstances, however, your liability might be limited by someone else who shares fault (most likely the other driver).  Continue reading to learn what happens when you’re at fault for a car accident in Louisiana. Louisiana’s Pure Comparative Negligence System… read more

What’s Causing Neck & Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Neck and back pain are two of the most common ailments people report after a car accident, but what causes them? If you or a loved one have been in an accident and are experiencing chronic neck and lower back pain, learn what those symptoms could mean. What To Watch for After a Collision Some… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in Lafayette?

During the course of their life, the average person can expect to be involved in three to four car accidents. About half of the car accidents in the United States are minor crashes, or “fender benders.” With these accidents being so common, is it really necessary to consult a lawyer after everyone? Even in minor… read more

When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Lafayette?

A car crash in Lafayette, Louisiana, can be a terrifying ordeal that can leave you physically and emotionally scarred. You may have heard that some car crash victims can get compensation for their suffering. But how do you know when to hire a car accident attorney? It’s a good idea to talk to a car… read more