When drivers cross paths, the right-of-way rules come into play. These rules determine who may go first. They also dictate who must yield by slowing down or stopping to allow the other driver to proceed. 

Failing to yield when required can result in severe consequences. Some resultant car accidents are minor fender benders. Others involve significant injuries and fatalities. 

Victims of accidents caused by drivers who did not yield the right of way have rights in Louisiana. They can bring personal injury claims against the at-fault drivers. Through the legal process, they may recover compensation for their economic and non-economic damages. 

If a driver who neglected to yield the right of way injured you, Louisiana law could entitle you to compensation. Our Lafayette personal injury lawyers can help protect your rights. 

Louisiana’s Right of Way Laws 

In Louisiana, laws govern who must yield and who has the right of way in certain circumstances on the road. Drivers who violate these regulations and cause accidents are liable. 

Drivers Turning Left 

Per Louisiana law, drivers turning left must yield to oncoming traffic. Drivers turning left within intersections must yield the right of way. They must allow approaching and close vehicles to go first.

When drivers fail to yield when turning left, they can cause accidents. This results in liability for their negligence


Louisiana law determines who must yield at four-way intersections. 

Vehicles have the right of way in the order that they arrive. The first driver to reach an intersection proceeds first. Then, the other drivers follow in the order they get to the junction. 

Suppose two drivers arrive at the intersection simultaneously. In that case, the driver to the left must allow the driver to the right to go first.

Yield Signs 

Yield signs show where drivers must slow or stop if necessary. Typically, these traffic signs look like red inverted triangles displaying the word “yield.” 

Upon encountering a yield sign, drivers must do the following. They must slow down and look out for pedestrians and other vehicles. If any people on foot or other vehicles are present, the driver must allow them to pass before continuing. 

Vehicles Entering Highways 

Louisiana law also requires that drivers merging onto highways yield in certain circumstances. This includes drivers exiting private roads, driveways, alleys, or buildings such as garages. In the event that a collision occurs, the driver entering the highway could be at fault. 

Penalties for Failing to Yield the Right of Way in Louisiana

Besides facing civil lawsuits, Louisiana drivers who ignore yield regulations may face criminal penalties. The consequences depend on the severity of the offense and could include fines and jail time. 

The state of Louisiana criminalizes failing to yield the right of way in certain situations. Yet accident victims must take action to secure compensation. Even if the driver who injured you gets jail time, the criminal court likely will not make the driver pay you for the harm. You must bring a claim against the driver through the civil court system or an insurance claim. 

Civil Liability for Failing to Yield the Right of Way

In many instances, drivers who do not yield the right of way are negligent. All drivers must exercise reasonable care on the road. This includes abiding by traffic regulations that dictate when drivers must yield. 

When drivers fail to take proper care to slow down or stop and wait for pedestrians and other vehicles with the right of way to pass, they breach this duty. If an accident occurs where individuals are harmed or killed due to failure to yield, the driver is liable. 

Contact a Louisiana Car Accident Attorney If You Were Injured Due To a Driver’s Failure To Yield the Right of Way

If you were the victim of a car accident caused by a driver who failed to yield, contact a Lafayette car accident lawyer for assistance. An attorney will help you file a claim and pursue the maximum compensation available for your damages. 

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