The warm weather in Louisiana means that motorcycles are a common sight on the highways and back-country roads all throughout the year. If you are an avid motorcycle rider or just a “weekend warrior” hobby rider, knowing how to stay safe while riding is important. 

Motorcyclists lack the protective metal body of a car or SUV. Thus, in a collision, they will suffer more serious injuries than the other driver. It’s important to be aware of Louisiana’s seven most common kinds of motorcycle accidents so you can avoid them. 

Motorcycle Hit by a Left-Turning Vehicle

Being struck by a vehicle turning left is by far the most common kind of motorcycle accident. More than 40% of all wrecks occur for this reason.

In such instances, the unfortunate motorcycle driver is T-boned by the approaching vehicle and may be flung from the bike. Grievous injuries occur from left-turning vehicle crashes, including broken bones and painful road rash. 

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are the most deadly type of crash. If the front of the car hits a bike driver, the motorcyclist may be thrown over the vehicle or run over. 

Crushing injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur. 

The National Safety Council advises motorcycle drivers to drive to the right, follow posted speed limits to avoid head-on crashes, and constantly sweep their gaze back and forth to look for danger. 

Collisions Caused by Lane-Switching

When a car changes lanes, they should check their mirrors and blind spots. Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles on the road. As such, they are easier to miss than SUVs. 

Cars merging into a bike operator cause life-changing injuries. If the motorcycle driver sees a car merging into them in time and tries to move out of the way, that driver could cause a wreck as they move into another lane. 

DUI and DWI Motorcycle Accidents

Whether it’s the car driver operating under the influence or the motorcyclist, everyone loses. Drunk driving is illegal and causes fatal injuries in many collisions. 

Accidents Caused by Lane-Splitting

Lane-splitting is the practice of a motorcycle rider using the space between two traffic lanes to drive. Many bike riders zip through stopped or slow traffic, going in a space that cars cannot. 

Lane-splitting is illegal in Louisiana because it carries danger for motorcyclists. If a car suddenly changes lanes while the motorcycle is beside them, it can hit the cyclist and injure them. 

Alternatively, if traffic starts moving again, the motorcycle driver could be stuck with no drivable lane to enter. This can cause a wreck if they try to merge where there is no room to do so. 

Speeding Accidents 

Excessive speed leads to more serious injuries than accidents when other drivers are going slower. You should always follow the posted speed limit and avoid dangerous speed tricks like street racing. 

Speeding cars also pose a danger to motorcyclists, as they carry more inertia that transfers to the person on the bike. Pay careful attention to speeding cars, and use defensive driving strategies to avoid them. 

Corner-Turning Motorcycle Accidents

Misjudging the degree of a curve or turn in the road can cause you to lose control of the bike and slide. It’s more common on twistier roads, where too much speed causes the driver to spin out. That said, it can happen on city streets, too. 

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