The allure of owning a motorcycle may be undeniable. Feelings of freedom, exhilaration, and camaraderie draw many people to ride. But before deciding to own a motorcycle yourself, it is important to understand the risks. Louisiana motorcyclists face accidents, injuries, and hidden costs. 

Increased Risk of Accidents in Louisiana 

Motorcycles made up 3% of registered vehicles in 2021, according to a national study. That same year, motorcycles also accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities. This disproportionate fatality rate has two primary causes. 

First, motorcycles are small compared to other vehicles. This makes them less visible to other drivers. The risk of collisions while crossing intersections or changing lanes is higher as a result. Collisions with larger vehicles can also have catastrophic effects. 

Second, motorcycles have a two-wheel design. This can affect stability in certain conditions. For example, it may be challenging to maintain control while riding over potholes, debris, or wet roadways. These road conditions affect all motorcyclists. 

Increased Risk of Serious Injuries

Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of sustaining severe injuries. Motorcycles lack airbags, seatbelts, and crash avoidance systems present in most cars. As a result, motorcyclists are directly exposed to collisions. It is not uncommon for riders to be thrown from their motorcycles. 

As a result, many experience road rash, broken bones, spinal cord damage, and brain injuries. Injuries may be minor or severe, but almost all come with physical and emotional pain and adverse effects on quality of life.

Some injury risks can be alleviated with helmets and protective clothing. Motorcyclists should also avoid inclement weather and ride in daytime conditions. These practices alone can help riders avoid becoming one of the many motorcyclists injured each year. In 2020 alone, 82,528 motorcyclists were injured, according to a national report

The Cost of Staying Safe on Louisiana Roads

Cars come with onboard safety features. Motorcyclists, meanwhile, must incur secondary costs to protect themselves on Louisiana’s roads. Well-fitted safety gear such as helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and footwear can prevent injuries and save lives. Plated body armor can even protect the neck and spine from the most serious injuries. Many riders are surprised to discover that this equipment can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Additionally, motorcyclists must pay for routine maintenance on brakes, tires, and lights. Riders should attempt to detect mechanical issues on their own whenever possible. Before each ride, motorcyclists should visually inspect and test the brakes, tires, and lights. Do not ride if you detect issues with systems. Unresolved mechanical issues may affect your ability to respond in emergencies and increase your risk of injury.  

Insurance Premiums for Motorcycles in Louisiana 

Motorcyclists should have adequate insurance coverage. Premiums for motorcycles may be cheaper than for cars, but riders need sufficient policy limits to protect themselves. 

After an accident, claims for injuries and property damage can expose riders to unexpected liabilities. Riders may be personally liable for paying damages without insurance. As a result, maintaining coverage is an important part of protecting yourself after an accident. 

A comprehensive policy also protects against damage from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. These perils can harm your motorcycle wherever you are. 

Understand the Risks of Riding a Motorcycle on Louisiana Roads

Motorcycles offer freedom and excitement on the open road. Unfortunately, this experience does not come without costs. It is important for riders to understand the risks of riding a motorcycle in Louisiana, including the risk of crashes and injuries. Acknowledging these realities ensures a safer riding experience for motorcyclists and others.

You may be entitled to compensation after an accident. Damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, repairs, and emotional distress are common. An at-fault driver may owe you compensation for losses caused by their negligence. A Louisiana motorcycle accident attorney can guide you or your loved ones to recovery.

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