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If your child was injured during delivery in Lafayette, LA, you might be entitled to compensation for medical costs, rehabilitation, and other related damages. At Kenny Habetz Injury Law, our experienced Lafayette birth injury attorney is dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our firm has a proven track record of success, having secured substantial settlements and awards for our clients since we opened our doors. We are focused on catering to the complete needs of your child.

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How Kenny Habetz Injury Law Can Help With a Birth Injury Claim in Lafayette, LA

How Kenny Habetz Injury Law Can Help With a Birth Injury Claim in Lafayette, LA

Medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, are obliged to adhere to a standard of care that reflects established medical practices. When these standards are not met, it can result in harm to patients.

If your child suffered injuries during birth, it is crucial to identify the causes. Medical malpractice claims are inherently complex. However, our experienced Lafayette medical malpractice attorney at Kenny Habetz Injury Law has the knowledge and experience needed to navigate these challenges.

Our team is well-respected in Lafayette, boasting over a decade of experience advocating for the rights of injury victims. 

When you choose us, you receive comprehensive legal services that include:

  • Thorough investigation of the circumstances leading to your child’s injury
  • Identification of all liable parties and relevant insurance policies
  • Collaboration with medical experts to accurately value your claim
  • Management of all communications and settlement negotiations with insurance companies

Our team understands the obstacles you face and is equipped to counter the aggressive tactics often employed by insurers.

If you’re interested in speaking with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Birth Injuries

A birth injury is harm that a newborn experiences around the time of birth, potentially occurring before, during, or shortly after the delivery process. Some birth injuries are severe and may necessitate lifelong medical attention and care.

At Kenny Habetz Injury Law, we handle cases involving a wide range of birth injuries, including:

  • Brachial plexus and Erb’s Palsy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Brain injuries and intracranial hemorrhages
  • Eye bleeding (subconjunctival hemorrhage)
  • Fractures
  • Cephalohematoma and Caput Succedaneum
  • Conditions leading to oxygen deprivation, like placental abruption and uterine rupture

Many birth injuries can be prevented with appropriate medical care. If your child suffered an injury at birth, consider reaching out for a free consultation. Our experienced birth injury lawyer in Lafayette is prepared to review your case and explore the legal options available to you.

What Are the Potential Signs and Symptoms of Birth Injuries?

The symptoms of birth injuries can vary widely depending on the nature of the injury. 

Some symptoms to watch for at the time of birth include:

  • Bruising or swelling on the baby’s body
  • Immediate need for resuscitation
  • Pale or bluish skin color
  • Low heart rate
  • Crying with an arched back
  • Poor reflex responses
  • Unusually high-pitched crying
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Respiratory distress or rapid breathing
  • Early onset of seizures following birth

Some birth injuries may not be immediately obvious and could show up as developmental delays, including:

  • Challenges with speech
  • Delays in crawling or walking
  • Unusual body movements
  • Difficulties with eating or drinking
  • Problems grasping objects
  • Coordination issues
  • Hearing impairment

It’s important for your child to have regular medical check-ups to detect and address any injuries that might not be immediately apparent.

What Causes Most Birth Injuries in Lafayette?

Birth injuries often stem from medical errors, suggesting many are linked to medical malpractice.

Common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Misuse of delivery instruments like forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Delayed decision to perform a C-section when needed
  • Inadequate monitoring of the mother and baby during pregnancy
  • Failure to accurately monitor vital signs during labor and birth
  • Oxygen deprivation to the baby during delivery
  • Failure to diagnose a health condition
  • Errors in administering medication
  • Miscommunication among healthcare professionals
  • Lack of experience among medical staff

If you believe your child’s injury was due to medical negligence, it’s essential to seek legal advice. Kenny Habetz Injury Law offers a free initial consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

What Compensation Can I Recover for Birth Injuries in Lafayette, Louisiana?

In Louisiana, individuals impacted by medical malpractice, including birth injuries, are entitled to seek two types of compensation: economic and non-economic damages, which address various losses.

Economic damages compensate for direct financial costs, including:

  • All medical expenses, current and future
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Medication and necessary medical equipment expenses
  • Home care services
  • Special education needs
  • Counseling services
  • Lost wages and income from time taken off work to care for your child
  • Your child’s potential future lost earnings 

Non-economic damages compensate for more subjective, non-financial losses. These are profoundly distressing, especially when witnessing your child suffer from a birth injury with potentially long-lasting effects.

Possible compensation may include:

  • Emotional distress and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical disfigurement and scarring
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of a normal childhood experience 
  • Psychological conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression
  • Emotional loss of your child’s presence and support

Should a birth injury result in death, our firm is also equipped to pursue wrongful death damages.

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