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Airbags are designed to keep you safe, but they can quickly become dangerous if they don’t work as intended. If you were in an accident and were hurt due to an airbag, our Lafayette airbag injury lawyer at Kenny Habetz Injury Law can help.

Malfunctioning airbags cause numerous injuries and fatalities in car crashes every year. Accident victims are left with physical and emotional injuries, as well as the financial burden of medical bills and other expenses.

Contact us at (337) 399-9000 our Lafayette, Louisiana, law offices today to schedule a free consultation with our trusted Lafayette auto accident lawyer. We will review your case, provide an honest assessment of your chances, and make some initial recommendations on your next steps.

With our contingency fee payment model, you pay no attorney fees unless we’re able to secure a financial award on your behalf.

How Kenny Habetz Injury Law Can Help You After an Airbag Injury in Lafayette, LA

How Kenny Habetz Injury Law Can Help You After an Airbag Injury in Lafayette, LA

At Kenny Habetz Injury Law, our Lafayette personal injury attorney has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of accident injury victims. With over a decade of legal experience, we know what it takes to get results. 

When you’ve been injured in a traffic accident, you need to be able to focus on your healing and recovery. Unfortunately, as the bills pile up, financial worries take over. We’ve seen this happen time and time again, so we know what you’re going through. Let us help you get through this difficult time.

When you engage our services, you can expect our legal team to:

  • Independently investigate your accident 
  • Review video/camera footage from the accident site
  • Gather evidence such as medical records, police reports, and witness statements
  • Engage experts such as medical professionals, airbag manufacturers, accident reconstructionists, and others to help strengthen your case
  • Calculate your damages and develop a legal strategy
  • Negotiate with all parties involved

If the insurance company makes an inadequate settlement offer or denies your claim entirely, we will take them to court and represent you at trial. We know insurance companies will do anything to get you to settle for less than your case is worth. We have the skill and experience to stand up to them.

Don’t wait. Give us a call to get started today in Lafayette, LA. The sooner you call, the sooner you can be on your way to a full recovery.

Airbag Defects

Airbag defects are often due to flawed design or defective manufacturing. These could include:

  • Exploding airbag inflator
  • Malfunctioning sensors
  • Airbag previously deployed
  • Incorrect seating position
  • Inflation issues 

If airbags are not able to be turned off, the benefits may be outweighed by the risks, such as in the case of pregnant women or those with medical conditions that can be made worse by airbags. 

Common Airbag Injuries

The speed and velocity at which airbags deploy, as well as the chemical agents involved, can result in severe injuries.

These injuries include:

Our airbag injury attorney will take all your injuries into account when calculating the amount of compensation you should seek.

Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Who Might Be Liable for an Airbag Injury?

When airbags don’t function as intended and result in injury, there are a number of potentially liable parties.


Airbag and automobile manufacturers must ensure that airbags are operational and do not have any defects. Rigorous testing is required prior to making a vehicle available for sale to consumers. 


Once an airbag has been deployed, it must be replaced. Dealers and sales personnel may be held liable for injuries that occur in an accident involving vehicles sold without replacement airbags.

Other Individuals

Depending on the circumstances, other individuals involved in the accident may be liable for any airbag injuries you sustain, even if the airbag is deployed properly.  

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After an accident, the last thing you need to be doing is figuring out the legal system and how to hold the responsible parties financially accountable. There’s too much at stake for you to handle everything on your own.

At Kenny Habetz Injury Law, we’ve earned a reputation for providing exceptional legal representation to injured clients. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to get you the money you need to move forward with your life.

Contact our Lafayette airbag injury attorney to discuss your accident at a free, no-obligation consultation. We will help you understand the legal options available to you and provide some preliminary legal counsel.

You pay nothing unless we win or settle your case, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to us today.

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