Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Lafayette

You probably know the busiest roads and intersections in Lafayette, LA. Many of them surround downtown Lafayette and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. These roads bring together passenger vehicles, delivery trucks, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Traffic congestion and bad driver behaviors often lead to car, truck, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents, all of which can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Lafayette Parish is among the worst ten parishes in Louisiana for traffic fatalities, and its record has only worsened in recent years.

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How Kenny Habetz Injury Law Can Help After a Car Accident in Lafayette, LA

How Kenny Habetz Injury Law Can Help After a Car Accident in Lafayette, LA

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Why Do Traffic Accidents Cluster on Certain Roads and Intersections?

Traffic crashes can happen anywhere. However, you are more likely to have an accident on certain roads or at certain intersections. 

These clusters occur for a few reasons, including:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Speed limits set too high
  • Poor traffic control signs or signals
  • Defects in the road surface
  • Blind alleys or driveways
  • Sharp, unbanked turns
  • Insufficient or unsafe pedestrian and bicycle crossings

For example, traffic accidents often cluster on roads where standing water collects after rainstorms, particularly if the road is a busy one.

If a road suffers from poor design or outdated signal patterns, human behavior can often compound the problems. Thus, a road with heavy traffic may set the ideal stage for traffic collisions. That said, road accidents usually also require a trigger, such as a person speeding or driving without paying attention.

Common Crash Locations in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette has several crash hotspots spread throughout the city. The most dangerous roads/intersections in Lafayette are described below.

Dangerous Roads

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 94% of traffic accidents happen due to human error. 

Several types of mistakes and behaviors commonly lead to road accidents:

Some collisions are especially common on roadways between intersections, such as:

  • Rear-end crashes
  • Sideswipe collisions
  • Head-on crashes

When these accidents happen, the vehicle occupants can suffer neck, back, and face injuries as they whip back and forth. They can also experience hand and wrist injuries when they try to brace themselves from the crash.

According to the NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Annual Report for Louisiana, the most dangerous roads in Lafayette include:

  • I-10
  • I-49
  • US-90
  • US-167
  • Louisiana Ave.
  • Johnston St.
  • Main St.

These roads provide access to commercial and residential areas within Lafayette and serve as the major routes into and out of the city. For that reason, they see high levels of traffic congestion.

Dangerous Intersections

According to Louisiana State University’s Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety (CARTS), almost 41% of Lafayette’s traffic accidents happen at intersections. Intersection crashes are slightly more likely to cause injuries than roadway crashes but less likely to cause fatalities.

Intersections become dangerous for slightly different reasons than roads. Intersection crashes tend to result from a road user who fails to yield the right-of-way. 

This can happen in a few ways, including:

  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Turning in front of an oncoming vehicle
  • Entering an intersection out of turn
  • Turning without looking for pedestrians or bicyclists in the crosswalk
  • Jaywalking

When vehicles collide at an intersection, an angle or side-impact crash often occurs. The injuries from these crashes differ from those resulting from roadway collisions. Instead of whipping forward and back, you are pushed sideways into the door or center console.

Your seatbelts and airbags are not designed to restrain you as you move sideways. As a result, you can suffer severe injuries to the arms, legs, head, chest, and abdomen.

Some of the most dangerous intersections in Lafayette in 2020 were:

  • US-167 and Chalmette Dr., with two fatal crashes
  • Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. and Eraste Landry Rd., with one fatal crash
  • Congress St. and Marie Antionette St., with one fatal crash
  • La Neuville Rd. and Grace Ln., with one fatal crash
  • University Ave. and Silkwood St., with one fatal crash

US-167 was also particularly dangerous for pedestrians, with two fatal pedestrian accidents in 2020, according to the NHTSA.

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