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Are you, your child, or another family member the victim of a dog bite in Crowley, Louisiana? If so, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. However, Louisiana dog bite laws can be complicated, so it is best to seek legal advice from an experienced Crowley dog bite lawyer.

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How Can Our Crowley Personal Injury Lawyer Help You With a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

How Can Our Crowley Personal Injury Lawyer Help You With a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

Louisiana has a similar dog bite statute to some states with a “one bite rule.” However, important differences impact how you pursue personal injury claims for dog bite injuries. The best way to protect your right to fair compensation is to hire an experienced Crowley dog bite lawyer.

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When you hire Kenny Habetz Injury Law to handle your dog bite injury claim, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the dog attack
  • Search for evidence that the dog has a prior history of aggressiveness or viciousness
  • Work with medical specialists and experts to determine the severity of your injuries and damages
  • Calculate how much your claim is worth and work to get you that amount for your personal injury case 
  • Aggressively defend you against allegations that you are responsible for the dog attacking you
  • File all claims and negotiate with the insurance company for the full value of all damages
  • File a personal injury lawsuit and argue the case before a jury

Attorney Kenny Habetz focuses his practice on personal injury law. When you need a trusted personal injury lawyer in Crowley, LA, call Kenny Habetz Injury Law for a free initial consultation. 

What Is My Crowley Dog Bite Case Worth?

Unfortunately, dog bite injuries can cause lifelong impairments. A person may suffer from debilitating anxiety and PTSD because of a dog attack. It is important to seek full compensation for your injury claim to give you the funds to continue seeking long-term trauma treatment.

The value of a personal injury claim depends on the case. Numerous factors impact how much a Crowley dog bite injury claim is worth. Factors that affect how much you can receive for your case include:

  • The type of injuries sustained and the severity of the injuries
  • How the experience will impact your quality of life
  • The total medical bills, lost wages, and other economic damages
  • Whether you sustained permanent impairments or disfigurement
  • The psychological and emotional trauma you experienced 
  • The availability of insurance coverage or other sources of compensation
  • Allegations of contributory fault 

Our Crowley dog bite attorney carefully analyzes all factors and evidence in your case. Then, we explain how these factors impact how much your personal injury claim is worth.

What Damages Can I Receive if a Dog Bites Me in Crowley, LA?

Dog bite victims can seek the same compensation the victims of car accidents and other personal injuries can recover. Therefore, you could receive compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

Under Louisiana personal injury laws, you can receive money for your:

  • Medical bills and expenses, including ongoing medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering, including emotional distress, mental anguish, and physical discomfort
  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, and reconstructive surgery
  • Lost wages, including a decrease in your future earning capacity
  • Disfigurement, scarring, disabilities, and impairments
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, including travel to medical appointments, personal care, and assistance with household chores

Sometimes, a jury might award punitive damages if the dog owner acted with extreme recklessness or willful intent. The damages are a penalty for the dog owner on top of the compensation for damages. 

Our Crowley personal injury attorney understands the tactics used to undervalue dog bite claims. Therefore, we understand the best way to maximize how much money you receive for your injury case. Call Kenny Habetz Injury Law to schedule a free case assessment to discuss how much your claim is worth with a Crowley personal injury lawyer.

Louisiana Contributory Fault Laws and Crowley Dog Bite Cases 

Louisiana is a pure contributory fault state. Therefore, being partially to blame for the dog bite does not bar you from receiving compensation for injuries. However, you would be responsible for damages in proportion to your fault for causing the injury.

If the owner can prove that you provoked the dog, the court might reduce your compensation to zero. Insurance companies often use the provocation defense to avoid liability for claims. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are blamed for your injuries.

Our Crowley dog bite lawyer is prepared for this tactic. If we can prove that the dog has a history of being vicious or aggressive, it is more difficult to blame the victim for the dog attack. 

We Fight To Recover Full Compensation for Your Dog Bite Injuries 

Dog attacks can cause severe injuries. A person can suffer life-threatening conditions from a dog bite. Infections and secondary injuries could result in wrongful death.

At Kenny Habetz Injury Law, our Crowley dog bite injury lawyer represents clients who have sustained injuries from a dog attack that include:

Prompt medical attention for wound care after a dog bite is crucial for preventing infection and other complications. In many cases, emergency medical care is required after a dog attack.

In addition to seeking medical treatment, report the dog bite to animal control or the authorities. Take photographs of your injuries and keep copies of all documents related to the dog attack. Then, contact our office for a free consultation with our Crowley dog bite injury attorney. 

Proving Liability for a Dog Bite Injury in Crowley, LA

As the victim, you have the burden of proving the dog owner is liable for damages caused by their dog. The primary Louisiana statute for dog bite cases is CC §2321. This law holds the dog owner strictly liable for damages caused by the dog.

However, the law states that the dog owner must have known or should have known with the exercise of reasonable care that the dog’s behavior would cause damage. Furthermore, the law requires the victim to show that the dog owner failed to take reasonable care to prevent the dog bite. 

Louisiana law also defines the term “dangerous dog” and sets strict rules for how owners must handle dangerous dogs. Failing to follow the rules could result in criminal charges. It could also result in strict liability for damages caused by a dog bite.

A negligence claim could also apply in a dog bite case. If you can prove that the dog owner was negligent, you could recover compensation for damages. The legal requirements for a negligence claim are:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation 
  • Damages

Most dog owners owe a duty of care to others to take reasonable steps to prevent their dogs from causing harm. Breaching the duty of care occurs when the dog owner fails to meet the standard of care a reasonable person would use in a similar situation. For example, allowing your dog to roam freely throughout the neighborhood, knowing children play outside, might be considered negligent. 

Once you prove a breach of duty, you must prove that the dog owner’s conduct was the direct and proximate reason the dog bit you. Finally, you must prove you sustained damages from the dog bite.

One or more state laws could apply in your case. The facts of the case determine which legal actions you can file against the dog owner. Our Crowley dog bite lawyer considers all factors when determining which laws apply in your case. 

What Is the Deadline for Filing Dog Bite Injury Claims in Crowley, LA?

Louisiana has one of the shortest statutes of limitations for filing personal injury lawsuits in the country. Typically, you have just one year from the injury date to file a lawsuit. You lose your right to pursue a legal claim if you miss the deadline.

A few exceptions exist, such as when a child is a victim. However, believing that you could have over one year to file your claim is not wise. Instead, protect your rights by contacting Kenny Habetz Injury Law now to discuss your case with an accident attorney. 

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